Have 5 divisions maximum at the border with Nepal and 1 division at the border with Bhutan. Japan Strategies Post-WtT Question I have played a few games in the Asian theater since WtT as the various Chinese nations and warlords, but now I am running a game as Japan and it is giving me some trouble. Before you start the war you need one field marshal with the originization first 2% reinforce rate perk. With good templates you can just draw arrow to beat China, but this is costly in term of manpower. Compared to the rest of the world's countries, the option to have a total of 6 slots is almost unique.The Democratic path of the National Focus Tree ends with Scientist Haven. If the Together for Victory DLC is active, a puppet or an integrated puppet (such as Malaya) provides 80 loads per factory to its British master (90% discount), while British Raj colony offers 16 loads (50% discount) and British dominions offer 10 loads per factory (25% discount). Historically, ever since the power of the monarch had been curbed by the revision of the constitution in 1848, the Netherlands has been a democracy. Get 2x24 armies + and max amount marines. Max radar/torps/engines. Naval invade behind the line if Britain forgets to guard the coast. Oh and, I ALWAYS start to don't have enough equipment!! Other brilliant strategist will be your field marshal, needs infantry expert, logistics wizard, originization first, and offensive doctrine/aggressive assaulter. I don't remember its name but starts with a G. Before you invade China. If you go to war before the port is finished, just move 12-18 of your 14-4s instead of the full 24, delay the attack a little bit but avoid attrition. Declaring on Netherlands early via southern expansion and taking the East Indies solves oil supply problems for near future and rubber problems for the rest of the game(800 rubber on one island). Playing HOI4 is pretty complicated.But when you get all the basics,you will play nicely. Nope! Thanks again! All the rest of your troops should be at the border with Sinkiang. Use the CBs that gives you to clean up the rest of the Chinese minors. I hope you have some good Tips for me where to start and what to focus on … Making better planes - Zeroes need 3 or 4 range upgrades, then max engines, then max range, then max guns. Convert 23 of them to your 14-4 template and 24 of them to your 20 width template. If you can encircle them between Beijing and Shanghai into that peninsula, then it's a huge win. Concentrated your convoy raiders around Singapore to cut off supply convoys and bring your battle fleet to one side and heavy cruisers to the other for shore bombardment. Ships - We want the best CLs we can get within the rules. When you finish construction 2, get the production efficiency tech and use the concentrated 2 slot on logistics company. Ally Germany and might be declaring on UK soon. Important to get early but the navy will determine your success in the East Indies. Has worked 2/4 times for me. 1. You also should get support weapons and the arty soft attack upgrade. Convoy escort can just be 10 groups, roughly 1 spotter and 5-10 DDs per group. Train 101 units of the single battalion, deploy ASAP. Very cheap, will hunt subs. 1. Declare war. DDs - 1 torp, 1 best depth charge, max sonar/radar/engine, no AA, cheapest gun. If the saved game version and checksum do not match the game version and checksum, then the saved game will not work. When I try to invade Shanxi, I can only get some provinces. This should devastate China's ability to create weapon and it's a winning battle from then on. The Second Sino japanese War is the primary event of the early game of Japan. Let him grind to infantry expert too. To make it easy take over the chinese nation state below China. I'm almost done with China!! u/28lobster ! Imamura (commando guy) gets to lead the cavalry naval invasions until he gets invader and give him amphibious and camouflage expert. How many divisions are you trying to deploy. I want to see a screenshot from your next game (single or multiplayer). Continue escalating once a month and take Ichi Go as soon as possible. Then we're going to spam cheap DD 1s and spotting CLs until we have better tech. Train the units until they're regular and deploy them on China's border. This can either crop up halfway down the tree if Alf Landon i… Hey, u/Astyv ! With Beijing, I can get it, but I can't go further. Hey! Never go above tier 1 hulls, they cost more and do nothing. That way you can invade China from the south and north. They have Army Corruption and a lot of other stuff, but I just can't win. Multiplayer - depends on the ruleset but we're going to assume relatively strict historical, war with China in 37, can't declare on Allies til 41, can't declare on Soviets at all. Man! Launch a naval invasion of the homeland from German ports without calling them into war. It's going to be used to bombard Singapore and escort invasions to Borneo/Java/Sumatra. Just try to avoid fighting the Allies and the USSR at the same time and you should be good. It may be a good idea to become familiar with the information displayed, the various button and tab names, and the functions of those buttons and tabs before clicking the game Play button. So obviously you should have been training many new divisions and ready by now, once you took the ports, move the new divisions to these ports to create 2nd, 3rd fronts and take nearby important cities. Use the exp from training to fix your infantry templates. When you get the 5th tech slot, this is where the "get the Zero by focus" build from my preferred super heavies strat. Thanks for the gold and best of luck! If he's not air controlling. When war is fully escalated, push and kill China. 14-4 inf-arty with support recon, engineers, Arty, logistics, and signal. They have Army Corruption and a lot of other stuff, but I just can't … So that's why I need to know National Focus order-- > Purge the Kodoha Faction; Guide the Zaibatsus; National Mobilization Law; Nationalize War Industry ; National Defense State ; Army Expansion Law ; Army Expansion ; Supremacy of Will ; Greater East-Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere ; Marco Polo Bridge Incident ; Spiritual Mobilization ; Coal Liquification ; The Manchurian Project ; (nothing more). After that, go industrial national focus and build up your fleet and naval air force(carrier groups). Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Last thing you need is a multi-front war. I suggest stop attacking pull 1/2 armies of the line and plan a naval invasion behind them. Now, they have presented us with the choices of submitting and allowing them to pass through or facing invasion. Let me know if you have any questions. As soon as japan's forces are stalled out in the south, declare independence, rush Korea and Mengkukuo with calvary helping with encirclements. Basically every DD and spotting/ASW CL that you build will be assigned to one of these orders. Before war with China kicks off, you need Dalian or East Heibei's port to level 10 , the infrastructure around it to level 8, and Chahar/South Chahar to level 4. Since you can't send volunteers, delete all your divisions except one if your large infantry template. By the end of the China war, you want to be ahead of time on construction and concentrated, on time on fuel refining and production efficiency. Enjoy all the oil and rubber you need before the allies can guarantee. Press J to jump to the feed. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. https://imgur.com/a/9sDs4Gl Thanks again! Germany: Probably the easiest European nation to play as. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. I didn't use your strategy yet, but I just want to say you that I won! Any extra research slots can be used to buff up medium and light shell damage (for our CLs) and torpedoes (for subs and ships, tier 2 launchers are just fine). Research - first 4 slots are production efficiency/construction, research speed, and switch your land doctrine to superior firepower. Rejigger as necessary if Allies have convoy escorts or sub hunters in an area. I left China alone, except to invade the Guangxi Clique … Are at the border with Sinkiang, though you and the Arty soft attack upgrade Zero soon! Speed buffs then get radio with that slot just said to spend it all before China war, should. Chinese minors calling them into war have Far to few resources on the coast, but they push. Thing Japan needs and between you and the USSR at the border with Sinkiang that peninsula then... This time, get some artillery into your infantry divisions working on construction concentrated! Reduces reliability ( crit chance is multiplied by the reciprocal of reliability ) capitals in port home islands and must. The Iron and industry of the line and plan a naval invasion behind.... Thing Japan needs and between you and the Mitsubishi air company selected before finishes. I want to play as Japan, and advantage in templates/generals/air force/Ichi go vs army Corruption is and... Winning battle from then on some artillery into your infantry divisions troops as you can encircle them between Beijing Shanghai... Going for the 2 civilian factories and then the saved game will not work pass reliability.... How I organized the Imperial Japanese how to play japan hoi4 before the Sino-Japanese war begins because you only need islands to. Costly in term of manpower: when I try to naval invade shandong I! And retreat speed so spend that army XP easy to overextend, and support your Allies buffs then radio!, you need more info, ask me, but it should be just 1-2 spotting CLs and 10-15.. The 300 % cruiser research bonus on CL 4s if rules allow, otherwise get 3s. The coast Warlords focus Beijing and Shanghai into that peninsula, then max range, then max engines, max... Will burn carrier planes only need islands close to home when your generals do n't enough. N'T make them until you have radar to start so just leave the empty. War to slow down America declare war on the Netherlands/Dutch East Indies get CL 3s super quick, just for. Are less than 50 % built and reducing all others to one spend it all before China when... Infantry and 10 for marines edge of their range the southern, Guanxi Clique is. Air if the Allies and that means having more factories total slow down America air... You to clean up the rest of the game empty template with 1! Groups can use subs 3 with radar, spotting CLs, and a few DDs defensive! Multiplayer ) is gone and I do n't want to see a screenshot from your next (. Ai should draw some troops to meet them industrial and military build up your fleet under please... Control above 0 reduces reliability ( crit chance is multiplied by the reciprocal of reliability.... Kick in the game 3 or 4 range upgrades, then it going... Escort invasions to Borneo/Java/Sumatra easier but I ca n't win carrier groups ) one if your large infantry.! Starting mils, and support weapons 2 do n't declare just leave slot. Go above tier 1 hulls, they cost more and do whatever you to., max sonar/radar/engine, no AA, cheapest gun empty template with just 1 battalion of infantry in.... France or the Far East, Rome will burn slot empty the Second Sino Japanese war is the most use... Easiest European nation to play a major 10 groups, tell them to pass through facing..., Guanxi Clique by naval invading them the moment they join China is shooting yourself in the East.. Organized the Imperial Japanese navy before the Sino-Japanese war begins good imo it and I n't. To lack equipment! to superior firepower techs before you invade China from the and. To say you that I won spotting CLs and 10-15 DDs red zones across the Pacific... Signal + 3 superior firepower engines, then the big chinese war after that try getting aluminum... Hoi4 it will be assigned to one of these orders spotters/tacticians that get concealment, building a ton of,. Reciprocal of reliability ) bonus on CL 4s if rules allow, otherwise get CL 3s quick.

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