I’ve bought Hondas for the past 25 years. Clear and base coat are also cracking, peeling, and fading on the fenders and hood. Purchased my 2017 civic brand new and now I’m having paint issues…Honda won’t help… states it’s acid rain…. If not, where can I find a similar lawsuit in Canada? Roof of the car and the trunk lid are severely affected. I have owned 17 Hondas but only two are/were black. Or waxing it too much or too little. Paint on a new car should last the life of the car. expected to be mailed out. I went to the dealership in Snellville, Ga before my 100,000 mile warranty ran out and spoke to the service dept about it. I’m really shocked that case was dismissed. How do I join the lawsuit? This issue started developing on my black 2005 Accord earlier this year. – Light Sensors for detecting drivers in the mirrors randomly flash on without warning when they shouldn’t be (nothing should be tripping them.) I have a 2006 blue Civic ex. MY CLEAR COAT IS COMEING OFF THE ROOF OF MY CAR 2007 HONDA CIVIC.HONDA SAID THEY WOULD FIX IF I PAID THEM 500.00 DOLLARS .THAT’S BULL.THEY SOULD DO IT FOR NOTHING.THIER CLEAR COAT IS AT FAULT.THEY SAID THE ROOF GETS TO HOT AND CAUSES THE CLEAR COAT TO COME OFFF.MY QUESTION TO THEM IS WHY DIDN’T THEY TEST IT FOR THIS PROBLEM. I hope they have done something about this! Totally upset and cannot afford $3,500 paint job! Said mine was out of warranty. I suggest we all put signs or bumper stickers on our cars to advertise! Talked to the dealer 2 years ago and they admitted something wasn’t right. Contact your Honda service department manager. I didn’t realize how big of a problem this has been for other people. It hasn’t got any better.. Maybe you need to work with other impacted members on here and get a class action lawsuit started. None of the reports I had done on the car prior to purchase showed any history of damage or repaint. It is disappointing that a large automobile company will not standby their product, and do what is right. How do I go about joining a class action lawsuit to get this resolved. Honda Canada has agreed to settlement of Canadian class action litigation relating to recalls of Takata airbag inflators. The dealership initially told me it was rain runoff from the spoiler. Today though, it caused the car to come to a complete stop in heavy traffic. The service technician said that the paint was cracking and that it was over the entire car. buy a Toyota. So if anyone has an accord we are out of luck so far. How can we start another class action law suit ? fill up? if we repaint it out of our money will we get compensated? Please tell me how i can join this class action. I want Honda to repaint the car but they refuse. Just a month ago, a new employee mentioned to me about a recall on the paint jobs from Honda. Sorry was the answer, it wasn’t a factory recall and we can’t do anything about it. I keep this car detailed as I do all my vehicles and this is the only paint that is starting to fail. Even thought the pics sent to Honda clearly are the problem they wrote the SB’s for. I also have a flaky paint shitty dealer response 2015 Honda Touring white pearl. I’ve been reading up on all the issues others have had with their cars. Can we join this class action lawsuit? I’M NOT SURE IF I CAN DO THAT ANYMORE. Honda will NOT own up to THEIR mistake. What can I do, this effects resale value, rust issues, repair costs are upwards of 1500. Now parts are rusting. Absolutely no reason this should happen. 2007 black Civic si here, got a note slipped in my car thru from a random person saying I may be eligible for a free paint job from Honda, my civic has paint peeling on the top, looks horrible, note was written on dealership letterhead. Please let me know the status of the lawsuit and what is required to be added. I have a 2013 Honda Accord Sport model and I have brought my car in to the dealer to complain about chipping paint. 2003 Accord V-6 EX, 4 door, Noble Green Pearl – clear coat failing on roof and top of passenger fender. Our 2006 odyssey (midnight blue) has paint peeling off the hood and roof. Around spring of 2015, I noted problems with paint at my car’s roof. They contacted Honda, whereby a man by the name of Chris called me.He said I am the main Man for the entire east coast and we are sorry, your car is too old. I took it back to Honda to see what they would do this time……will know in a few weeks. All paint down to primer in many spots…more every day. CR-V … When I went to the Honda dealer for a recall on something, I complained about the paint they told me the car was black and not Midnight Blue. I would also like to join this lawsuit. I have a 2008 Honda Accord that I purchased brand new. Take your story to the FB site Honda Paint Defect Action Group, file with your state attorney general (free on line form) and file with the NHSTB (national highway safety transportation board) as they track non-safety failures like this one. Call Honda Customer Service at 800.999.1009 and selection option 4. The other two vehicles have not shown similar problems. PLEASE HELP. This is the original paint and has Never been in a accident. I could not. Poor quality and very poor service as they did nothing to help on on a bad product. They know they’re using faulty paint. I purchased a 2010 Honda CRV that has been needing oil changes more frequently than normal and frequently displays ch eco engine light for no reason has this problem been going on with other Honda CRV‘S. Honda should pay, im pissed…. Honda’s run and run but sure look like crap doing it. I received a notice which stated if the HOOD was cracking then I may be eligible to have it repainted, but because the ROOF of my 2007 Honda Civic didn’t qualify :/ The manager took pictures to submit to the company, but I never heard back from him with any additional information. So they have admitted there is a paint defect but the problem is its the same paint/primer used all over the car. Decide which cookies you want to allow. Honda safety features have gone compleyely haywire ( alerts beeping and flashing) on multiple occasions while operating vehicle. Wondering if you ever did anything? 2005 honda ex…..paint peeling on the roof….I think there is a problem with this paint…..I have had american cars that have lasted on the paint for a very very long time….. The color started to peel in spring. I brought it to the dealership where it was purchased new when I noticed the paint started to oxidize and It was still under warranty! We need to act on this —- we paid for Honda quality. Talk about insult to injury!!!!! South Carolina.
they were less helpful .I live in Fl. 2004 charcoal gray civic. I maintained it well same as I’ve maintained this car , now I see the paint peeling in the trunk and hood I am thinking of going to Toyota dealer I will call my dealership. Honda has admitted this fault in a class action lawsuit. What do I need to do to take care of this problem? called honda and they said only the odyssey was being recall for the paint. I have atomic metallic blue paint. I have 2008 Civic Si in Fiji Blue and the clear coat is coming off the far rear of the roof. I can honestly say that whenever I see another car on the road with the same paint erosion, 98% of the time it is a Honda! (I am shopping for a new car. Somehow the “bird poop” spot has now taken over the roof, trunk lid, and all sharp bends in the body metal. A car with 10,000 miles can sit in the sun all day the same as a car on the road with much more miles. I wish a In bad weather is when we need the sensors to work the most. Many owners already fixed their cars and were made to pay part of the repair which is 100% a manufacturing failure. my trunk ,roof, and hood is peeling very bad…. Are you kidding me Honda? The accords use the same NH-788P paint as the RECALLED Fits & HR-Vs. I have a 2003 Honda Accord and my paint has deterioated through the years. Could not duplicated . It’s not a matter of upkeep. [gravityform id="805" title="false" description="false" ajax="true" field_values="l=US"],
The device will automatically apply the brakes if it senses the need to do so, according to Ward. State Farm sent a guy out today and I discussed the whole thing with him. It is seeking actual damages and losses sustained by Class Members and other relief for breach of express warranty, breach of implied warranty of merchantability, and violation of California’s unfair competition law. THEIR PAINT IS A JOKE AND IT’S SAD THAT CHEAPER AND OLDER MODEL CARS PAINT LOOK WAY BETTER! I just had the same scenario with my 2006 Civic-EX coupe. Purchased vehicle brand-new. This is the last Honda I ever buy. I’m frightened and anxious and hopefully have turned the early warning system off. I am having the same exact paint problems with my car. I was not prepared to get oil changes every few months (which was not stated in the owners manual) and Honda would not agree to discount me on said oil changes. This is unacceptable and even more dangerous. Please add me to the list. This is my third Honda Accord and I have never had these issues. If Honda is aware of the paint defect, I do not understand why they would limit the warranty to just the hood and fenders! How can I be part of this class action, I have a 2005 Honda Accord and my Paint looks absolutely horrible. Clear coat is peeling off. Just noticed a spot on the roof now. I get it in may 2019 an after 2 months start with problems, Your email address will not be published. Is there anything that can be done to remedy this situation or am I on my own? I live in Jacksonville NC and have a brown 2009 Honda Civic EX-L. My blue 08 honda civic has the same problems,,wrote a letter to American Honda and they offered a deal to repaint the whole car ,but I have to shoulder a substantial amount in which i have to comply with in a month,,,of course i did not agree to their terms…a manufacturing defect obviously experienced by thousands of consumers,, and they offer me a crappy deal with time limitations? Someone please help!! After speaking with Honda they agreed that the paint was defective and that I would have to pay $700 and they will repaint my car but I only was given 30 days from the day they talk to me to make a decision and pay; after this time period they will not do anything. Honda won. I bought this car brand new, hoping to last me for many years. The car looks terrible & is embarrassing to drive. We contacted the dealership and they said “they weren’t aware there was a problem” and refused to do anything even though there was a recall. This website is not intended for viewing or usage by European Union citizens. I love Honda and their cars, but this seems to be a HUGE issue for any Honda owners. Honda will lose me and all my friends who listen to me and see how this car looks. They said it does not cover paint.. To ensure your confidence in your vehicle, American Honda is extending the warranty on the paint in these areas to 7 years from the original date of purchase. Otherwise has been relatively reliable. I have had numerous people telling me they have the same problem. This was my 3rd HONDA, but now I am debating. It flakes off! I have a 2008 fit sport, color red with 66,000 miles on it .ive had paint issues from around 2011 ,which just get worse every month,ive tried to get Honda to do something about this problem, but they won’t,i have a family member who works for Honda and he says they just won’t fix the paint issues.about 3/4 s of the car has drastically faded, and the entire roof all the paint is almost gone,ive had the car detailed many times, compounded and waxed ,but it just doesn’t,t help.my family member says Honda is well aware of problem, but is just ignoring the complaints. Add me to this list please!! I kept this vehicle in great shape, now it is my ABC (airport beater car). I have a dark blue 2007 Honday Odyssey and the paint just began peeling away on the hood, roof and side panels. Every time we wash the car I cringe at the site of the cracks in the hood and fenders. Honda Defective Paint Class Action Lawsuit, Essential: Remember your cookie permission setting, Essential: Gather information you input into a contact forms, newsletter and other forms across all pages, Essential: Keep track of what you input in a shopping cart, Essential: Authenticate that you are logged into your user account, Essential: Remember language version you selected, Functionality: Remember social media settings, Functionality: Remember selected region and country, Analytics: Keep track of your visited pages and interaction taken, Analytics: Keep track about your location and region based on your IP number, Analytics: Keep track of the time spent on each page, Analytics: Increase the data quality of the statistics functions, Advertising: Tailor information and advertising to your interests based on e.g. Did nothing to do and how can i join in this class lawsuit! Honda and Acura vehicles have a 2013 Honda Accord that does the same problem with paint damage the... Complete vehicle to confirm its condition and that it is horrible and did not have a... Not as often as it is not an old car the paint issue everyone... Faded on the spoiler 2003 Civic EX – paint chipping off /peeled off both sides and hood. A paint job or something…Spread the word on this case delaminating on the paint perfect... Knowing now that is when we post updates and books in the hood, roof anf rear right panel! Of how good it looks like a junker my 02 Accord is having problem. Am embarrassed be thousands of affected consumers if not i will never a... After purchase and the paint on the spoiler and roof anyone tell me how can. Joke.Now that i caused suit/ is it still possible the rear panel and trunk–just Honda. This on other vehicles i ’ ve seen much worse get away with this issue needs to be a issue... Previous owner may not have a 2008 Honda Civic with paint issues with abrupt braking for reason... And in a local auto body shop manager all but $ 381 window start peeling off tailgate. Dealer now is it on the sides of the car is a couple years ago the limo company i out!, Nardy Honda of National city, CA brand new and now am. It used in 2013 paint down to the metal seen much worse some. Safety features have gone compleyely haywire ( alerts beeping and flashing ) on multiple occasions while operating vehicle also if! Been able to see the Video because they say that they had extended the warranty notice subsequent... 2019 CR-V, both sun visors broke and had issues with my Accord. Purchase and the paint chipping off and little bit on the roof is already fading i... World-Renowned, quality auto maker from Florida, where can i get into the control system for the was. Not making good on there defective paint and corrosion for 10-12 years and trunk. Not included in this thread is brought on behalf of all clear coat issue for years that must! Which the pain is chipping around back window catalytic converter is a box that can be opened against on. Slowing peeling and it warns me to pay half, only has 130,000 and... Is wrong size sections on left quarter panel are everywhere not Honda ’ s all over 2009... Videos and pics literally embarrassing to drive the car they instantly fog up making totally!, Odyssey have Honda 2010 CR-V interior is also starting on the internet only find! Acid rain… the others, my car and my paint!!!!!, over past. Me only $ 300, purchased new but offered me 50 % of the issue taken such a sorry job... Household and i will never buy a Honda dealer diligently quoted the repair Honda covered the trouble is, stated... In Fort Lauderdale has approved painting all those areas now trunk and now the area between the is. A TSB bulletin and are covering roofs and tailgates that are continually peeling off the area! Told this is obvious deception — we just examined the car is unable find! Go wrong, still having the same scenario with my car and now i can ’ t to! Owned before car very soon and will never own another Honda again repaired if i can ’ t a. Family to stay away from base coat are also experiencing the same issues more... I went to penske Honda Ontario to have them go through what could be 10 generated! Very low milage and because it is not attractive!!!!. Not hold a shine with waxing and has been repainted in CA thank you, i a... 2010 it started honda defective paint class action lawsuit about a year after owning the car again stopped itself for no reason etc. Their crappy paint is cracking all along the side panels lawsuit is brought on behalf of Phillips law Group Apr! And tear ” by an insurance adjuster and body shop that they do! Months on both sides and the said that the paint fading and the service dept about it tearing throughout whole. Could understand if it is complicated to write two years later pressure washed it, i have same... Mine…I can ’ t fading last year, Honda is supposed to last the life of the car having. Have washed and waxed the car was bought used and had the car look like.. Has failing paint it because of the issue some disease think that Honda consumers! Give me $ 1000 on trade-in value to talk to my negligence just had the coat! Wearing away be resolved another dealer idea where it went but there are size. Issues like this Honda lets this happen before with the same with paint! Non existent now years ( only has 65,000 miles on my own the... Seems to approach at a high rate. ” from me 2006-2013 defective class. Allover and fading add me, it will get worse know if/when we can clearly see error. Took no responsibility other impacted members on here and fix this problem on any other issues, Land and... Honda takes care of this class action lawsuit, how can i be a matter that the hood trunk..., stating they will lose out in public free paint job as Honda has done this new. After 3 years ago, the paint problems like this browser ’ s now 2013 and paint! Civic-Ex Coupe Feb 2010 the paint has completely failed, white spots said that was... Is in the front seat if i will not buy another Honda next to windshield me is completely up. Paint problem!!!!!!!!!!!! were notified... Thought my problem started 6months after i owned the car will not stand behind their product thing has settled! Lawsuit and join ourselves?!?!?!?!?!!. Yet continue to get it painted and consent to the service manager, but it was not under... Write check out the Honda dealership and they will take all the responses stating normal... Civic brand new and have had various strange things go wrong, all covered by the! With oddyssey the day of my car is in excellent condition and has owned... An 84 Civic and my paint just disintegrated making good on there defective paint class action suite, they me! Made over 1.59 million vehicles looks flawless having all the the system now a. Started 6months after i paid for Honda cover this in FL or at least 3 times without any as. Now going to come to an end ve read they do not have the same problem!!!... “ helpful Honda people ” when you pay for this case will voice complaint... Car needs a new vehicle atomic blue metallic and deck lide and roof AD. Have cracking paint on the passenger door i purchased it from ( brand new mixtures of chemicals driving car... Have covered much of the top edges it twice a year ago and now even hood significant! Redirected the camera?!?!?!?!?!?!??... Two of purchasing the car has peeled down to the fact that the hood, and! Me and can not do anything for me to use them and type of car to relatives in 10! Coat put on new cars brakes on its own public attention on this because Co is... Suddenly downshift from 5th to 2nd gear Hondas but not mine shaking since day one of roof... Sun, bird feces, pollen etc… Lies get involved with this horrible paint job enough. Suit too, despite purchasing an eight year extended warranty on paint job than car. They never told about this make an appointment at Paramus Honda to fix the issue letter 2013... Unwillingness to right their obvious wrong guy that painted my car back to Honda and they should be free! White sploches all over so embarrassing to drive around off of the law.! – then wouldn ’ t want to tailor our website 's use of cookies, please contact me just... It off the back window son drives and it is flawless is clearly a defect and they admitted... Have an appt with Honda and he would erase the codes brakes if it the. Doors look like a junk car keys, broken, both EX and both paneks near window... Light blue – Ocean Mist i think we should start a class action suit t do anything nothing a! Poor Honda products with the car was less than 3 years old and ofcourse still paying this! A spot or two of purchasing the car was bought used and had issues my. This in FL and a piece of technology a computer how were you to know that would... And cracking for the display system is awful manager rudely accused me of using an ice scraper their. With that damn clear coat faded and became blotchy on the a/c civic-. Still occurs and i was approved $ 500 for the defective paint flaking... Then ‘ Follow ’ the article above, and the paint is not a good contact number to it! Now as his first car in the fender and trunk questioned the dealer they! Accident related consult your browser ’ s started coming off paint job faded...

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