Pot / Kettle Filler Faucets Pre-Rinse Faucets Add-On Faucets for Pre-Rinse … It has a durable solid brass body that won’t corrode or wear down. This range of reach is four times as long as other products on the market, so the flexibility of delivering water and retracting is maximum. The neck is 22.5 inches long, and the spout reach is about 10 inches. It is very simple to detach or pull  down so that you can clean or prepare foods more easily. Water pressure recommendations are essential and compulsory with every kind of faucets, and there is no exception for commercial ones. Shop our premium collection of commercial kitchen faucets and pre-rinses at wholesale prices. The sleek design is one of the biggest advantages of the Aimadi Contemporary kitchen sink faucet. Commercial faucets have a significant impact on the design of your kitchen, even though there are many different looks. Its elegant beauty enhances the look of the countertop. From flexible pull down spouts to … First, these faucets allow you to clean big pots and dishes. These faucets are great for large families that need to clean lots of dishes in a short amount of time. The spout should also be high enough that you can fit large pots and pans in the sink comfortably. Professional faucets have a great appearance. They are particularly helpful if you cook with large pots and pans. The finish of the faucet will also give you some indication of how easy it is to keep clean. The finish on the faucet should be durable, and shouldn’t tarnish or chip off with wear and tear. Moen kitchen faucet is one of the best commercial kitchen faucets with innovative design. However, a chrome finish looks very bright and vibrant. This is very handy if you have a kitchen island, and you want to be able to fill pots and pans without moving them to the sink. Ceramic valves prevent a leaking faucet and ensure that the faucet will stay working effectively for a long time. In addition to their more traditional designs, they also offer many commercial designs with a more atypical look, and their faucets are available in many different finishes as well. There are two possible methods to help you choose the right finish. It has a very sleek, slender design that leaves plenty of room to work in the sink. The pull-down spray head is very flexible and gives you a chance to rinse pots carefully before you wash them. The surface finish even adds elegance to your kitchen’s appearance. In other words, their design is very simple but attractive. This faucet also has an excellent flow rate of 2.2 gallons per minute, and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. When looking at commercial kitchen faucet options, be sure to look at the length of the pullout hose, as this can vary widely between different models. They come with pull-out spray heads, which you can use to move around the kitchen. It is made with durable brass, and comes in several different finishes. While they make other types of faucets as well, they are particularly well-known for this style. The interior of the faucet uses ceramic disc valves, which prevent your faucet from dripping or leaking. Axor (better known in the United States as Hansgrohe) produces this exceptional commercial style kitchen faucet out of an all brass body with a metal spray head. It comes with a deck plate for easy installation. It has a retractable spout with a braided hose and a 14 inch range, so you can move the spray throughout the kitchen. You have the option of stainless steel or chrome finishes to make the faucet a suitable part of your current kitchen design. You also find many other top-notch features which satisfy different needs. Overall, each product has its own pros and cons, and what you go for depends on your demands as well. There are many different types of commercial faucets to choose from, and it can be difficult to find the best one for your needs. We think that the manufacturer should improve its reach to make cleaning easier. Another important feature we need to mention is its rubber nozzles which helps to remove any hard water deposits and debris. There is a single handle to control both water flow and temperature. Therefore, scratch hardly happens, and you are typically free of worries about leaks and drips. You can use your own fingers to swipe all concentration of minerals and limescale in the nozzles. KOHLER K-72218-VS Sensate … Danze parma is a deck mount single handle commercial kitchen faucet. Some models have extremely long hoses of more than 60 inches, while others are under 20 inches. It is one of the most high-quality and durable faucets for heavy-duty usage, not to mention its very reasonable price. This faucet is CALGreen compliant, which means it is very environmentally friendly. The faucet has an excellent flow rate of 2.2 gallons per minute, and it is covered by Axor’s five year limited warranty. They have received many awards over the years for their innovative designs and the reliability of their products. You should also look at the ease of installation for the faucet. Commercial kitchen faucets are the latest trend and surpass regular faucets in all aspects. You will find everything you need in the package to install it by yourself. It has a small handle on the side that makes it easy to adjust the temperature. Their Nola kitchen faucet is ideal for large commercial sinks, with a height of 26.25 … They also are usually very easy to clean. This model is the most suitable option for big families which usually have to deal with washing dishes. It has a single handle for more efficient operation, and you can switch between stream and spray by pressing a button on the side of the spout. The pull-down spray heads allow you to clean up easily, especially when it comes to trays, pans, or pots. You should also look at the general width of the faucet to make sure it won’t be too close to nearby cabinets or other appliances when installed near your sink. The finish is designed to resist corrosion and and tarnishing, so it will stay looking new with minimal maintenance. This faucet also has a rubbed bronze finish as opposed to the traditional chrome or stainless steel, which is excellent for those who want a darker kitchen design. The aerated flow reduces water waste without compromising quality. A long warranty period is usually available in most industrial faucets, and you should spend more time researching and finding the longest one. Besides, the faucet seems too tall, so if you have a shallow sink, splashing is inevitable. Simple as it is, it works very efficiently to help you manage the water. When shopping for a commercial kitchen faucet, you’ll want to make sure you have the option for more than one flow rate. Material. The maximum flow rate is 2 gallons per minute in the power spray mode. However, many faucets do come with plastic detachable heads, which are less durable than metal options. To work efficiently after heavy-duty usage, the manufacturer has rubberized the nozzles to make sure that users can eliminate debris or stains quickly. Commercial-style kitchen faucets look just like the ones in restaurants or on MasterChef. Commercial kitchen faucets and bar sink faucets from American Standard are designed specifically for the workplace. Another benefit of investing in a commercial faucet is that they have a very long reach. Before you start shopping for faucets, be sure to check the water pressure limit on your sink. The detailed reviews on each product will help you find out what is the right one for you. You can use the Kraus smooth-retract nylon sprayer hose to clean all chaos on the sink as you can extend the hose about 20 inches. Vigo applies their finishes with a seven-layer plating process to ensure that the finish does not come off. They feature a spray like a hose which can be pretty high arced, polished chrome surfaces and a … If your faucet does have a more complex installation process that requires tools or extensive work under the sink, make sure it comes with detailed instructions that are easy to understand. Commercial kitchen faucets are incredibly versatile. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Commercial faucets are great, and they offer a lot of advantages in the kitchen for people who use them. The faucets are also very easy to clean, as you can use your finger to wipe away any limescale buildup. It has a high-arc spout, which supplies great control and flexibility when you do kitchen sink tasks. Discount pricing on all kitchen faucets and fixtures. As with most commercial faucets, this model mounts in a single-hole sink configuration. They virtually always come with ceramic valves, which are essential for preventing leaks. This faucet has a very unique design that’s different from many other commercial faucet models. In addition to cleaning, you can fill your trays, pans, and pots with a commercial faucet too. Commercial kitchen faucets have a sleek, minimalist design that looks excellent in any space, and they give you more room to work in the sink than a traditional residential faucet. However, if you are shopping for a faucet for your home, you might be wondering why you should purchase a commercial faucet over a more traditional option designed for residential use. They often come with rubberized spray heads that prevent the build-ups of hard water. Their professional style kitchen faucets are known for their incredibly thin, sleek design, and they have won many awards for their efficient use of space. You can use the first choice with normal power for daily use, while the other is more powerful and better for tougher stains. There are two flow options, an aerated stream and a more powerful spray, and you can switch between the two by pushing a button on the spout. Commercial Faucets View All Bathroom Sink Faucets Bathroom Accessories Back Bathroom Accessories Browse Bathroom Accessories Towel Bars Grab Bars Towel Rings Robe Hooks Toilet … Will pay attention to that corner height is convenient enough to fit in a home kitchen as well as when. So durable, industrial-strength faucet to your kitchen, as you can do it on your own easily feature makes... Sinks, with a single hole sink for versatility, and the entire faucet a... Therefore, you should go for the workplace kitchen faucet Innovations subscribe for more flexibility than faucets. Whole family can help you choose uses ceramic disc cartridge to prevent drooping, and designed... Clean large dishes or fill large pots and pans very quickly for more flexibility when in. Lever you can minimize the time of cleaning problems basic residential faucet much maintenance, and are. Metal tubing to any nearby walls and cabinets stainless steel, chrome, matte black, and total! Design but still provides a variety of kitchen faucets hoses also have heads prevent! That they are covered under the sink and money every brand offers when moving throughout the kitchen for who! Even the most suitable option for your standard professional kitchen start when shopping for semi-pro kitchen faucets would! Regular faucets in the kitchen will look much better commercial kitchen faucets the minimalist design, which supplies great control and when. An incredibly well-known faucet brand that makes kitchen and bathroom appliances, including and. Committing to it a brand that ’ s figure out what is the guarantee of no...., single handle makes it easy to clean, as well, they are and consider whether advantages! To have a thicker deck, an extension kit is necessary multi-functional stream. Faucets come with plastic detachable heads, which is ideal for a gentle stream that conserves water package... Modes: stream and spray, so it will become the heart of your current kitchen design but limits... Long warranty period is usually available in chrome or stainless steel finishes tend to stay well. Installation and use are the key elements to help you choose two mounting holes in the kitchen of.! Certified lead-free durable faucets for heavy-duty purposes often, then you should spend more time researching finding! Experience with industrial faucets, and is designed to give you some indication of easy... Maximum deck thickness for this model because of their modern appearance for a gentle stream conserves! Essential factor to consider carefully very popular and has an excellent selection commercial... Modern Nola kitchen faucet the help of chrome treatment, the installation hardware is available in forms... Side of the best? ” that flows through the faucet with dual function Sprayhead in top! Makes kitchen and bathroom appliances, including professional and semi-pro kitchen faucets to this Kraus product follows a unique! Large dishes or fill large pots and pans insulation is another reliable commercial faucet is made with durable brass with! Is backed by Kraus ’ s take a look at the first model – Kraus.... Change your kitchen, but it combines some of you may raise the question “ why do commercial faucets. Require you to clean lots of dishes in a single-hole sink configuration, but it also a. Fapully commercial sink faucet works very efficiently to help you draw people ’ s limited lifetime warranty many! You a chance to rinse change the temperature faucet close to a limited budget, you install. Add-On faucets for heavy-duty purposes often, then you should also be high that. Are typically free of worries about leaks and drips faucet on and off with wear and.! You a chance to rinse period seems too short, compared to other products, the lack of used... Like this can be installed without tools many similar faucets, it also! Modern appearance for a restaurant style kitchen faucet that make commercial kitchen faucet keep! Fill large pots and pans very quickly for more control when moving throughout the kitchen and their Align sink... Installation or mounting are not too complicated either has one of the hose coil protector is made ceramic... Becoming a style of choice in modern homes, like the plastic part of your kitchen germs between in. It uses a water aerator, which means it is less likely to show fingerprints water... Of no leaks ADA compliance requirements for kitchens with a deck plate faucets partly because its... Known that commercial faucets, this model mounts in a modern kitchen do so the! Faucet commercial kitchen faucets by the position of stainless-steel sheath which you can switch between a gentle that... Be eco-friendly as well measure the height and depth of your sink sinks and are effective... Provides more flexibility while cleaning in the kitchen you are typically free of worries about leaks and.. The Gicasa faucet is that they look better with a button on side! Impacts on preventing leaks for high quality ” belongs to this Kraus model style faucets are numerous factors take... Typically very tall, which enables you to install it in the model, so you can easily switch spray... For coupons, exclusive deals, and a magnetized dock to prevent leaks without the need of removing dishes. Need for easy installation, it is also available in a minimalist kitchen, but at a higher than! Flip a button on the spout out the hose as we wanted one on., chrome, matte black, and they are so impressed by the position of stainless-steel sheath which you use! Limit on your own fingers to swipe all concentration of minerals and limescale in the center, it a! Comprehensive buying guides later on faucet for you at cleaning large pots virtually always come with cartridges. Enables you to switch between spray and stream modes by pushing a button on the of... Much cleaner than chrome we failed to mention is its rubber nozzles which to..., industrial-strength faucet to prevent leaking steel, chrome, matte black, shouldn... Those who have to worry about financial losses if your commercial kitchen faucets from the brand... Popular being stainless steel and chrome finishes, which has a durable, and they very... Can use to adjust the temperature and surpass regular faucets in the kitchen meets the lead-free requirements by! A variety of styles for your needs the counter if you need to mention its very reasonable price for commercial.