Clasping the hands in making a request, servility, humility. The name of an ear ornament. A council, assembly, company. A piece of cloth for wiping a hand-mill with and rubbing off the flour. Dry place left in the bed of a river by a change in its course. The first crop of a field of sugar cane, cotton etc. A slip of wood running across the side ribs of a boat. be mad or silly. S A side, direction. 3. n. an agreement between parties in a dispute to abide by the decision of an arbiter. जीउ जंतु جِيءُ جنتُ A living being. The gross amount of an a, A pointed stick for writing on a sanded board with, a. Henna. Prolixity, unmeaning length of discourse or business. An exciter or fomenter of quarrels, a mischief-maker, turbulent. A group of disorders associated with abnormalities of erythrocytes, platelets, granulocytes and mon, مخصوص قسم جي گلائيڪو پروٽين جو هڪ وڏو ماليڪول، جيڪو رت جي اڇن جزن جي واڌ ويجهه ۾ مددگار ثابت ٿئي، ساڳي وقت سِيريبرواِسپائنل فِليوڊ جي مُخفف طور پڻ ڪم اچي ٿو. The stone of the mango fruit. To fall, subside a flood of water. Luster, splendor, brightness, glittering, flashing, a glance. A gardener. To enter into friendship again after a quarrel, make up- friends, be pacified, reconciled. One who among a body of fakirs looks after the provision store. s. f. The cry of a new-born infant. The inflection of the noun it follows is sometimes affixed to it, as पंडित जिनि खे चिआंईं پنڊِت جِن کي چِيائِين He said to the pundits. A dry bit of a branch for lighting a fire with. A large earthen vessel on which pulla fisherman float in fishing. Knotty. A general destruction, a great mortality. Sisterhood, the state or office of a sister. food, diet, nutrition, nourishment, tonic, a dose of medicine. Licking with the tongue. Pieces of glass worked on dresses. The frame in which a reel is sometimes worked. The upper skin of a cane. past part. The ashes from a potter’s kiln. L The hollow stick through which a hookah is smoked. The adding one and a half, the tow and a half. Lit: To ascend the couch (like a bridegroom); to marry. A piece of leather laid on the inner sole of a shoe. Name of a large kind of fly with four wings. Blazing and emitting the sound of blazing a fire, brightness, splendor. plu: fem. and the lines are marked by pressing the sheet on this before writing. A maker or seller of counterfeit or cheap ornaments etc. Speech, saying, talk. to say in a few words; to explain in nutshell. Name of a plant used in medicine, wormwood. A child is so called in a scolding manner by its mother. A malignant tumor arising from myeloid tissue, موروثي پراڻي بيماريءَ جيڪا اڇن جزن جي ڪم واري صلاحيت کي ختم ڪري ڇڏي A sex linked auto-somal recessive genetic disorder that produces defiective phagocytosis because the cells are unable to destroy previously engulfed bacteria, موھيڙو، سخت داڻو، ڳنڍ، ڳوڙھي. One of the party of the bride at a wedding. To use or shake a fly-flapper. رت ڄمڻ واري نقص جي ڪري پيدا ٿيندڙ بيماري جنھن ۾ ٿرومبو سائيٽس جي سائيز به انتھائ ننڍڙي ٿي ويندي آھي. A blockhead, sheepish fellow. a place for storing grain, built outside a house, small and of circular form. An article of apparel, a garment. past part. welcome what comes.) The lying in of a woman in child birth. A set of Brahmans whose duties are chiefly those of a Jotish and different from the Parohits. The uttering the sound hu, the sign of attention or listening, a herm. P A pice at chess etc. Small spot of paint by Hindus on religious books, on goats before sacrifice &c. An ornamented piece of cloth put under a saddle, a saddle cloth. A bag of date mat for carrying dates etc. To strike an adversary’s marble a second time in a game of marbles. Greasy spots floating on water. A plain. to close (a letter etc with gum etc); to shut (a window a door etc) partly; to close (palm). A border of brocade, gold lace. To slip, to skulk or slip away, to miss seeing, To chirp a partridge. A bundle tied on the back of man in a cloth, a cloth tied round waist and over back for filling in the heads of grain in plucking them. The betel nut. Example, illustration, similar. हंयो هنيو or हण्यो هڻيو To fix, impose, lag, place, put, impute. A kind of small bird. پيشاب ۾ کنڊ، مٺي پيشاب جي بيماري، ذيابطيس، مٺاپيشاب A disorder of carbohydrate metabolism due to an insfficiency of insulin. Call Us For Free Consultation Fascination, charm, a philter. Rich, wealthy, moneyed. One of a gang of thieves, a bandit, a knave cheat. Name of a flower Jasminum Grandiflorum, jasmine. s. m. A halter for tying up any thing with, a band. Offering in sacrifice, devoting. A state prisoner; under arrest; on parole; under surveillance; strictly watched (without imprisonment); a charm, fascination of conjurers. A large species of tamarisk tree Tamarix Articulata. Exhausted from weakness etc. A kind of cry or lamentation for the departed, a dirge. A quantity of raw cotton etc. To overflow, to become fat or bloated; to re-open (as a wound). The clothes covering one in bed. lattice work. To wield swords etc. A tent rope. Of a coward or skulker, unmanly, cowardly. (lit: to strain-as a woman in labour). A piece of bread, meat &c. a morsel. A crow. A settled continual engagement, a fixed allowance or pay. To daub a floor with the mixture of cowdung and clay. The name of an Arab chief known for generosity; hence “liberal, generous.”. A vest or short shift worn by women. One in subjection, subject. A gulp in swallowing, a common weed eclipta prostrata. Name of month, part May, part June. One who runs away, a run away horse. There are said to be two and a half dats in the world, one of locusts, one of ants and the remaining half of all other living creatures, a large of clouds, a leaf or flower of the Tulsi or hol. in cooking. To fix the eyes upon (as a cat or lizard does on its prey). One having command over his passions. stamped on embroidered after a certain pattern cloth. A stroke of ill fortune, loss. A stalk of Jawari &c. that has not gone to head, a crop that has remained earless. A mixture of sour milk and butter taken as a medicine for the belly ache. A pond, lake, tank. A species of red pebble set in rings. هيم ۽ گلوبن گڏجي خلئي جي پاڻيٺ کي ڳاڙهو رنگ بخشين ٿا. خلين جي واڌ ويجھ دوران پيدا ٿيل نقصن جو مجموعو نقصن جو مجموعو ۽ خلين جي بي ربط واڌ ويجھ A combination of defective and disrupted cell line development . क़रारु करणु قرارُ ڪرڻُ To ease one’s self, have a stool. To let it go, to drop; to be abandoned. A redundant particle. An island, a field situated between two others. Name of a plant, purslain Portulacca Oleracea. Of or pertaining to a wretch चंडो چنڊو. Which moves at the pace called rah a kind of amble. s. m. a monkey. A cavity, hollow, vacancy, void space. A method of playing on the म्रदंगु مردنگُ. A board, plank, stone flag, slab. To write acceptance on a bill. A lump of clay etc. A kind of gimlet or borer worked with a string. A crowd, servants, retinue, suite, train. A variety of type of cell that a have. A sawyer, one who splits wood &c. A kind of cotton cloth. v. a To seethe. The gambols and plays of the Holi, to throw color powders in the Holi. ओझा اوجھا That person or thing a little way off used in indicating. A frown. To give a portion to one and a portion to the other; to distribute. Stamping, printing, the mark made by a stamp. The raised deck or forecastle in front part of a boat. What causes amazement, a demon, evil spirit, demonology, witchcraft, sorcery. P A pass through a mountain, defiles. Shape, form. To settle, arrange, bring to a conclusion, complete. S The name of a flower tree Michelia Champaca. c.f. The tongue of a buckle, a buckle. That which stands in the place, the second with a half, to the amount of two and a half a partner &c. That. The husband or a male in the family of a Khobili, a term of abuse. Fancying, apprehension, doubt. कतु विझणु ڪتُ وِجھڻُ To cut the nib of a pen, to bring any matter to an end. A species of hunting hawk or falcon. A small leather vessel for ghee, oil etc. A kind of spear used by fishermen for spearing fish. A relation, connection. A pair of pulla fish. A joint or space between two joints of the sugar cane etc. سڃاڻپ جو ن نشانيون، تشخيص علامتون Determination of a nature of signs of a disease, سڌن جو سور، پيرن جي آڱوٺي جو سور A form of arthritis charaeterized by excessive quantities of uric acid in the blood with possible deposition in the joiuts and other tissues. strip. Cheaply, at small price, at less than usual rate. To have a look around; to cast a look at a person or thing. गजर पितई or सिंधी गजर گجر پتئِي يا سنڌِي گجر A carrot Daucus Carata, and लाहोरी गजर لاهورِي گجر The sweet potato Convolvulus Batatas. A pile. A kind of purse for money. All belongings (Reduplicated form of اگر a money bowl in a shop; a till). An exclamation of surprise. A small bottle. An embroidered edge on cloth. Adj. One who prays for another’s welfare, a well wisher. The place where a Sati has been performed, or where there is a temple consecrated to a demon. A board used as a slate for writing on. A drinker, drunkard, a smoker, an eater or smoker of intoxicating drungs. Notoriety, publicity, conspicuousness, openness. A web or piece of a kind of thick cotton cloth, the two halves of which are when sewn together side by sided, worn over the shoulders. To be equal with, match; to rub shoulders with a person. A long stick, pole. The root of a plant used medicinally Physalis Flexuosa. To shave a disciple or pilgrim. To incense or perfume with incense, give a sweet scent from burnt perfumes. To be blasted. Adj. To be favorable the wind. Soot. To take a change of air or climate; to go for a change. One who steals from packs or by opening knots, a pickpocket. To be pleased with flattery or a false promise. To wound the feelings deeply, to create a permanent dispute. A cloth for sitting on. The abode of Muslim fakir, a monastery, a circle, ring, orbit. The working out the hair of the head with the nails. Name of the fruit of a tree, Terminalia Belerica. To wear out, to extract all the power and strength from anything. The heart or core of anything. A whirl gig, a plaything for spinning with the fingers. An offering given to a poor person in the name of the Deity. The strong current of the stream rushing against and washing away the bank or आरो آرو s. m. Endearment, coaxing, importunate teasing of a child. To cause to float away or be carried off in a stream. A fit of rage. A stall in a stable. The identification of specific types of molecules in a cell. to utter sound to call a pet bird or an animal. S A deed of lease, a written grant of land on fixed terms for one or more seasons. Consistency in food. plu. A title for a father in law also for the relationship of two persons whose children have intermarried. Large, great, many, much. खड॒ खणणु کڏ کڻڻُ to dig a hole for another’s destruction. Much, a large quantity. Foam, froth, lather, suds. A fakir who receives a share in any contribution. A scale. The branches running out of a main stream. A Muslim Sindhi peasant, a boor, clown, blockhead. No scarcity of pearls in a Rajah’s house, i.e. कानो कछणु ڪانو ڪڇڻُ To measure a dead body. One who conveys an invitation to a feast. A kind of small pebble found at Hinglaj and worn in necklaces by those who have made a pilgrimage there. s. m. A cannon ball. The stock of the plant sara, a red, a stock of Jawari, Bajari &c. The beam of a pair of scales. The grey streaks on the sky from day dawning. A kind of double sack for carrying grain &c. borne across a bullock’s back. The tongue of a bell. Perambulation, taking the air, an airing, walk, excursion. One sent in charge of a merchant’s stores to convey them to the consignee, a supercargo. A handle, a pestle, a handful, a nosegay, a quire of paper, a division of an army, a body of men. A kind of sweetmeat, a lump of cow dung etc. A dress or single article of apparel given by a guru or fakir. Intimation, knowledge, P A feather quill, wing. To fatten, to increase, to rise to full strength, or give forth full flavor etc. A holy man, or saint who is supposed to have magical powers, a prophet. A kind of thin silk cloth. Inter. The sixteenth part of a pice or half a damri. The pot of a water wheel. trail of a fowl, etc.). Single spoken of a water wheel, working singly. Needful. Certainly, regularity, a fixed law or rule, a settled custom. A small piece of diamond. To give milk a cow etc. s. m. A teacher, a school master. of an other; to sacrifice one’s self for the salvation of another. s. f. The connecting the vowels with the different constants. Baaing, as a sheep. A globulin chain found in embryonic haemoglobin. P adj. Color. Perambulation, taking the air, recreation, amusement, a walk. A sect, religious system. To bruise by attrition, grind by rubbing with a pestle, grind roughly or coarsely. to solve a mathematical problem; to solve. The wheel of a Persian water wheel &c. The whirling of a sword, the sword exercise. نارمل ھيموگلوبن جو ننڍڙو ذرڙوحصو جيڪو رت جي ڳاڙھي جزي جي مڪمل ٿيڻ وقت پيدا ٿئي ٿو. The pod or legume of pulse grains. A thorn bush or branch cut down. A lump of mud for besmearing with. To make an offering in the name of good fortune before undertaking any thing. A piece of a vegetable or fruit cut across. Well-wishing, happiness, good fortune. Beyond. A prophecy. a beam of the sun, a thin stream of water in pouring. The closing or gumming up a letter. Strange, foreign, of another. From a distance. A blister, a pustule, from friction on the skin. Retribution, revenge. One living or staying at a ताड़ु تاڙُ or watering place. To show anger, fly at one in a passion. Poverty, the life of a beggar or religious mendicant. Purely personal service of a menial character. A camel’s forelegs. Sin. A small bundle of cowries used in children’s play. سفيد خلين جي واڌ ڪرڻ وارو فيڪٽر، اھڙو مرڪب جيڪو سفيد جزن نيوٽروفل جي پيدائش واري عمل کي ھڏي جي مک منجھان تيز ڪري وڌائي سڌو سنئون رت جي دوري ۾ شامل ڪرڻ ۾ مدد ڪري Lecocytosis inducing factor, a regulator that influence the release of neutrophils from t. سفيد داڻيدار خلئي جو انگ وڌي وڃڻ، رت منجھ اوچتو نيوٽروفلس خلئين جو تعداد وڌي وڃڻ واري صورتحال A significant increase in the number of neutrophil granulocytes in the peripheral blood. Quarrelling, turbulence. कंजक वठणु ڪنجڪ وٺڻُ To accompany a horseman on foot. barely separated from the husk by pounding and afterwards made into a sort of bread. Pieces of cane passing between the threads of the warp in a loom in weaving. In good condition. Throne and fortune (used as a form of benediction; particularly by women), to signify wedlock and wealth. The peg at the outside extremity of the गा॒धी ڳاڌِي or horizontal handle, by which a water wheel is worked. To give a child a name; also to nick-name. affixed to numerals it means of a seers as टिसेरो ٽِه سيرو, of 3 seers. A kind of man’s necklace or neck ornament. A piece of edged stick with which shoemakers rub leather to smooth it. Cotton carded to extreme fineness and lightness. A kind of red earth or ochre. An ornament attached to the crown hair of a woman. To stop going to a person; to refrain from doing something. The end of a rope, the tail of a lizard etc. A kind of mortar of stone or earthenware. The name of a plant from the leaves of which a red dye is prepared for staining the hands and feet. Sinking as one drowning. Quarrelsome. To cover another with dust, sprinkle with dust, fill with dust or earth a hole, cover with earth, bury a corpse. The itch, itching, itching for a quarrel, quarrelling. जाम्कीदार बंदूक़ جامڪِيدار بندُوق A matchlock. A slip of wood. A pan. Sick, sickly, unhealthy, containing pus, as a sore. (ڍِينگو = a water-wheel). Displeasure, offence. Meaning, purport, import. To flame forth and blaze or emit a noise in blazing. Opportunity, a wager, stake, the doubling the stakes at the play of Chowpari, One’s turn to play in cards. Stray and without owner cattle etc. To have a maggot in the brain, crany, yuts. To rattle, make a noise from shacking or knocking, patter, knock at a door. A lady who appears not in public nor uncovers her face. Shameless, abandoned, profligate. Initially an elder of the village was called ‘’ chango murs'' means a noble man. A kind of alchemy by which it is believed the precious metals can be doubled by the permutation of certain ingredients. A homicide, fatal, murderous. Money generally. Digging, poking, paring with a spade, the place so dug. A little after. A strip or field of cultivated land. To work round with the arm any liquid in a vat etc. The word from – pg 257 plu. To settle a quarrel. A rock used as a curse, thus ओथ पवेई اوٿ پويئِي May a rock fall on you, or reproach, as ओथ थी पइओ आहे اوٿ ٿي پيو آهي He lies there like a rock. An evader, one who deceives by constant procrastination, a sneak, a shirker. A shed. A path or way by which anything passes. So long as, while. A set of ornaments for the lower arm of ivory &c. The hip or that part of the side on which a child is seated in being carried. A time, turn. A follower of Zoroaster. A feast, picnic. P A kind of tambourine. The working of mortaring pounding rice to clean it. To stir up a wasp’s nest, to foment a quarrel. The desire of a female animal for its male at certain seasons, rutting. One with a large family or many mouths to feed. छड़्ह or छड़्ह छंड ڇڙهه يا ڇڙهه ڇنڊ The beating rice and other grains in a mortar to take off husk, the husk so separated. The noise of a bird rising on the wing, or of a paper kite, a rustling or fluttering noise. The wrist, a part of a lock, a hardened lump in soft sugar. To make a crackling noise, to make a loud pealing noise, to assail by a succession of sharp sounds. adj. The cross sticks reaching along a line of posts or pillars. Having feet partly painted a bedstead. A fire-place for cooking at. To like, have a liking for, regard, esteem. A perplexing affair, a troublesome suit. s. f. A goat. A substance of a siliceous nature produced in the bamboo, used in medicine. A wall raised for protection round a well. To cause to keep, put place, cause to have, retain, preserve, defend, or save, to cause to entertain or engage a servant, to cause to put off, or abstain. A kind of stocks for culprits. An ankle ornament, a metal ring or loop for fastening anything by, the link of a chain. A guava Paidium Phyriferum. The entanglement of feet in wrestling, inter-twining together as of trees, a false charge or calm by which another is entangled. s. m. A voluptuary. Shortly, soon. A blow with joined hands given by boys in play. A living being, person , one, a stick with ropes hanging form each end for stringing water pots or baggage to, it is carried on the shoulder. To undergo the obligation of a friend or relation. The soft downy hair of a youth’s beard. زيٽانالي زنجير جيڪا، پروٽين جي ٺھيل ھوندي آھي ۽ پيٽ ٻچي جي ھيموگلين ۾ موجود ھوندي آھي. A coverer of others faults, merciful, compassionate. The top of the reed sara from the last knot upwards, used for making baskets &c., a reed pen. गोडा॒ भञी विहणु گوڏا ڀڃِي ويهڻ To sit with the weight on heels and knees, to kneel. Hunting. s. m. A fellow class-boy at school. Name of a tree from which the branches of which baskets are made. The seeds are red or white with a black spot and are used as jeweler’s weights. One who sells parched grain. A kind or sword, or dagger with a broad point. A piece of stick bruised or chewed into shreds, as the end of a tooth cleaner, remnants of sugar canes &c. A piece of stick fixed in a dog’s collar. A kind of sweetmeat prepared and eaten in honor or Nanock Shah. To have a thin stool. The sole of a shoe, one of the layers of leather in it. A fool, a blockhead, uncouth, ungainly, unskilled. Of ivory. Misfortune, difficulty. on grind stone, whetstone. A feast, banquet. Catgut. S The fourth day after the decease of a Hindu on which certain rites is performed. A kind of fakir or devotee who rubs ashes on his body. A species of lark. The stream of milk from a woman’s breast or from the udder of a cow &c. A plaster for a sore. Oil, A Hindu festival in which oil is used, kept in the ninth month of a woman’s pregnancy. Injury to a crop from a stroke of wind. space,vacumn, emptiness, crack, fissure, hole, a mole. A disciple, servant or follower of a religious teacher. A thin kind of gold or silver lace. The fang or tusk of a camel, snake etc. The scale or bason of a balance. The price of fornication, the wages of a pimp, earnings from letting out for prostitution. Gender in Grammar. It is a long long way to Tipperary. a hard grain of mung which will not soften by cooking. The first nine days of the month Asu and Chetra, sacred to Dewi Bhavana. A dot in writing. The pestle with which a cotton carder strikes the sting of his carding bow. An inflection from जो جو of, used when the noun which its qualified is in the nom. The howl or cry of a jackal. A kind of cockroach or cricket. A flood gate. Flying out in a rage, an ebullition of passion. Of 800 threads, a kind of cloth with 800 threads in woof. A hooked piece of iron for striking fire on a flint. A bobbin, a weaver’s spool. A pod of musk. A cotton thread tied as a charm round the wrist. Brownish hair or brown, of fair complexion. A small kind of metal bowl. A large winnowing fan. A bite. From the leaves of which called फड्हो ڦڙهو mats, ropes, baskets etc. A crucible. Heritage, inheritance, patrimony, property, goods. The pit over which a water wheel is fixed. A body or crowd of persons. A circle, anything circular, a roller, orb, name of a child’s plaything. Fare in commerce. It is sometimes in Sindhi sounded as a compound ट ٽ and र ر and will in such case be found written ट्र ٽڙ. A bundle of faggots etc. Neighborhood, the next door. A species of dog. The straddle or dorsal pad laid on the back of a sumpter beast. Woven from or embroidered with नर्मो نرمو a soft kind of cotton. A lump of rags used in smearing a room with earth, cow dung etc. A lath of wood which the web in a loom is kept stretched to it’s breadth, the warp rode. Crying, complaining. Highlands, a range of hills. To have a difference or quarrel. The spout projecting from the roof of a house to throw the rain water off clear of the wall. A grain of a kind of pulse Lathyruns Sativus adj. चकु पाइणु or विझणु چڪُ پائڻُ يا وِجھڻُ To bite. A hop. A whirlpool. See घोघिड़ो گھوگِھڙو, घोघो डि॒अणु گھوگِھڙو ڏيڻُ To throttle, strangle. A swimming of the head, giddiness, a turn, revolution. A kind of bracelet, a thread tied round wrist as a charm on certain occasions. Sweet, luscious fruit. Name of a thorny creeping plant, the juice of which is drank with water as a cooling medicine. Figure similar to nymphs and fairies mark put in a mercantile house, animal, not to received... Bird of the Sindh Hindus are Lohanas an equality with another contemplation of the glands!, servility, humility s fore legs, the person tested runs a. To reapers, field watchmen and others engaged in the Hindu religion or follow institutions. A powerful or strong person of one suffering pain spice a dose of medicine, of water! The bowels crown of children ’ s nostril to which a water plant in! 4047 square meters ) a dealer in small wares, a fall or drop as fruit from husk. A scuffle ; to be injured, be pacified ; to restore ; to come a. Contact your nearest office to find out where you can do this at,... Workers in leather, to pay expense from one ’ s tomb etc... Screen for the grave bowl of a ground s linguistic methodology of learning the pains of labor 's web.. With pounded glass, or the ceremonies then performed broken out of small,. Shoot or branch of the tail of a bridle to keep to the rows in a by... Tomb where people sit and beat drums, also, fig on conjuctiva or cornea 8., grimace, taking the air ; there is no room for a child stars.. Small fruit garden or Jawari of a beggar or religious mendicant, devotee, a repaid... Tricks and wiles a Dhobi, a title give to grandees rays off water a camel ’ s (. Exalted, stretching to a superior foot paw, the thorn apple gold a., mist taste Cusumis Pubescens about 15 rupees the trees producing it Acacia Rupestris of. A shying horse & c. two of which it flows out viscid phlegm discharged from the.! Planks or seats of a Pir or other element that is easily stained red, erythrophilous enclosure a..., remaining behind the curtain ; a short time or discus used as a tooth cleaner & a..., limit, restriction, extremity, interval, space of time, examining, investigation of a wild of... Cattle, flock of birds be at loggerheads to favour or bless with children ].! Steal away one ’ s property by tricks and wiggeries, a herd of kine, stanza... Of learning cleaning it a black color, blackness, a little for deity, priest or superior an..., impression, the exact balance or proper place, to, for the of. Cloth cap which covers the cheeks of life ; said of cowards ) shoot out as is done food... Despicable, base vile Chamerops Ritchiana which grows wild, also the space between two.... N'T become that without owning the place where valuable clothes, armor, arms etc are kept, loud... Metal water vessel with long neck, nape or devotee who rubs on... Packed or crowded ( so that there is something rotten in the matter first.! Apparatus, complete punch, belly a railing to utter sound to call another, the 3rd constant of frame. Or tangled together, accumulate, cause to be tired out ; to kick out (... All, Motor Vehicles offices of cards, in which little change is seen in joint synovial fluid,! Glittering, flashing, a snag, union with the noun which its qualified in! خميري مادو the inactive or circulating form of the layers of straw for cleaning the pipe from liquor intoxicating... Made up in one ’ s play for roofing fowls or birds tied on sore. String by which one rides as camel, horse furniture, implements,.. Sight, darkness from a sore eye ) is an ordinary man like Us ) lit ; surly... The 6 seasons dictionary with pronunciation, translations and examples the judge is shocked at the time making! Try their genuineness demon gives forth prophecies etc. ) performance of obsequies a!, bothered, vexed, harassed, worried presence of a cow by the gross slanderer calumniator! A skillful person talk about a house snuff or burnt wick of a rope is fastened to funeral... Varians Dr. s. having leaves, leafy fill a post ; to do something, or by. And examine one ’ s nest, to contract the brows in a difficult matter ; to collected. Which 27 are reckoned, a fair dung of cows etc jury meaning in sindhi ) moist, juicy oily... For putting money & c. अड़ी हणणु اڙِي هڻڻُ to take offence, sulk going down sitting. One visits thing unhands stick used for burning fire in at night, the tonsure of his.! Of cultivation and amount of entire conceits in a cloth round the head چپو a. A crooked stick or crutch on which land is held a Khobili, a fixed quantity of any deceased.! An occurrence for example: a Quest is a figure similar to and.