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YOU’RE commuting from Finglas or Ballymun. Or from the deep southside. Either way, the journey would be a breeze if it wasn’t for the final half-mile.


That’s the city for you.


That’s the Georgian city, the Victorian city... its two daily jams a testament to the boom.


In the Way


Your destination, be it near Merrion Square or Fitzwilliam, or off O’Connell Street, or in and around the Quays...


That’s what’s in the way.


Your destination is the problem.


Take Phibsboro Road, for example. The part that runs from Doyle’s Corner to the Liffey.


It’s only 60 feet wide. That’s just 18 metres!


And it will now see more new-and-improved buses from Finglas and from Ballymun. Those two freeways will be new-and-improved, too, widened out to 130 feet — our new “Core Bus Corridors” or “spines”.  But 260 feet into 60 feet doesn’t go. (See Local News North: They Want More Than Front Gardens »»)


Don’t Blame the Cow


It’s no different south of the Liffey. (You see where we’re going with this?) Familiar suburbia and ex-urbia: Terenure Road, Rathmines Road, the legendary Red Cow... If you’re in a jam, don’t blame the Cow, blame the pasture: it’s broad in suburbia, but offers thin pickings further in, near Cork Street and the South Circular...


Now, the US consultant Jarrett Walker has a solution. His solution. It means re-shaping your city. At a recent meeting for TDs, he refused to say if his “spines” or Core Bus Corridors (CBCs) meant knocking down parts of Dublin, specifically Phibsboro Road, to make the city more accessible. But, revealingly, when pressed on that option, a bad-tempered exchange produced (from him) the following rhetorical question:


“Fine, how would you propose to get someone from Doyle’s Corner into town?”


How indeed?


Actually, it can be done. But not by continuing Mr Walker’s new CBCs, buses and all, from Finglas to Phibsboro and thence to town. Not by laying waste to Rathmines, Rialto and Ranelagh.


The buck has to stop somewhere, and if you value the City of Dublin, it has to stop in the ’burbs.


And no, Local News does not have a heavily-engineered plan to compete with the one Walker uncovered when he met those TDs.

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Good luck with that. Good luck with
squeezing 260 feet into 60.




Good luck to our readers also, when
they try to air worries and queries
in the “Public Consultation Process”
— carefully timed to coincide with
the summer holidays, and now over.

Meanwhile, not only do the NTA want
to cut you off by Sep. 28: they want you
to restrict yourself to the questions
they want you to ask.


So: don’t mention the roads. Ask about
the buses, but not the roads they’ll run on.
Why not? Because Mr Walker has ruled: “That’s a separate matter!”


But are they connected? “Of course
they’re connected!”


Thanks, Mr Walker. Thought so.
But obey Mr Walker and
don’t mention the roads. Or the Dublin that will be... well... removed  to to create them. We’ll deal with that when all those gardens have vanished.


Could Have Walked


In 2020 or 2021, when the gardens of suburbia have long since gone, we city lovers will be asked to complete the job by making a sacrifice of our own. We’ll be asked to say goodbye to the City of Dublin.


Mr Walker’s famous commuter will indeed travel five minutes faster. He’ll go CBC, from Doyle’s Corner along a once-proud, now flattened Georgian/Victorian streetscape.


Of course, he could have walked.


Or we could have built showers for cyclists for a millionth of the cost of Mr Walker’s Core Bus Corridors. Or implemented a dozen other low-cost-to-no-cost ways of making that final half-mile more pleasant. All without fat engineering contracts. All without “modifying” the fabric of Dublin 1 or 2.


Again, remember, you have not been “allowed” to bring any of this up at those “Public Consultations”. We’ll deal with it when the time comes. When it’s too late.


When Inner City Dublin has been destroyed.  


*Or rather, the National Transport Authority thinks public consultation is over: legal steps are now being taken to ensure that you, not the NTA, run the process. Interesting, bye the bye, that NTA man Hugh Creegan openly refused to  answer this newspaper’s questions during one of those famous midsummer get-togethers: not quite in the spirit of “public consultation”...

• JARRETT WALKER: a touch of genius

to promote further new business in long established Local Newspaper Group in Dublin 8.


You will liaise with existing client base and enlarge it.

Advertising sales experience an advantage.

May suit representative for other media wishing to expand their options.

May suit part timer.


Send CV and covering letter to frank@localnews.ie, and negotiate your best deal!

Advertising Sales Persons Required

And “heavy” is what he has in mind, even though his nominal boss, Hugh Creegan, says all he needs to do is “add another bus lane” to Phibsboro Road.

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