SOUTH Jan 12, 2017

VICTORY at last!  It’s fine to reveal injustice, but it’s much better to reverse it. Here, for once, we managed to do so...

40 South Jan 12 2017 Denise swaps vulture slum.pdf

SOUTH Feb 2, 2017

TV3 BOSS reveals plans for a vast Hollywood-style studio on Dublin Bay. ALSO: Hope for the Liberties’ Iveagh Markets, p. 10.

42 South Feb 2 2017 Hollywood backs city studio.pdf

WEST Jan 13, 2017

WE GIVE much-needed PR to an underused home-loan scheme. ALSO: Sports cash: too many late applications: p. 11.

40 West Jan 13 2017 Local residents unaware of low deposit homeloans.pdf

NORTH Jan 19, 2017

CABRA’S “Speedy” Stephen Cushen stars in our science coerage. ALSO: Patents needed for school projects: p. 7.

41 North Jan 19 2017 Speedy Stephen Cushen wins WIFI race.pdf

WEST Feb 3, 2017

HOUSE intended as a vandal-blocker is mired in controversy. ALSO: Dragon Lady Molly’s a  standout scientist: p. 14.

42 West Feb 3 2017 You could save house for disabled tot.pdf

WEST Feb 24, 2017

CLEVER moves by Sinn Féin to make St Cuthbert’s plan good for locals. ALSO:  Clondalkin hero Dick Humpheys: p. 2.

44 West Feb 24 2017 Residents improve Clondalkin.pdf

NORTH Feb 9, 2017

METRO NORTH looms closer as pols play Dublin North card. ALSO: Strong Roots help Smith-field man grow his SME: p. 8.

43 North Feb 9 2017 Metro North a political cert.pdf

SOUTH Feb 23, 2017

WE JOIN Tina MacVeigh and others in Liberties’ “green space” victory. ALSO: Cllr Anne Feeney is “One to Watch”, p. 12.

44 South Feb 23 2017 Locals win battle Bridgefoot.pdf

NORTH March 23, 2017

NO HELP from  HSE as we try to ID the “vodka” bottles containing lethal Methanol. ALSO: The Americans’ 5-day wonder in D1

47 North March 23 2017 Lethal vodka advertised.pdf

WEST March 17, 2017

BEST in biz are honoured by Mayor. ALSO: Sports help study, says soccer star Fiona Coghlan; Rua Red’s new show.

46 West March 17 2017 Entrepreneurs honoured.pdf

SOUTH April 6, 2017

WE OFFER proof that the co-located child and maternity in St James’s simply cannot be built. ALSO: Rialto Post Office saved.

48 South April 6 2017 St Jamess too small for maternity.pdf

SOUTH April 27, 2017

WE HIT back at rates-office roulette... but hear a robust defence from Mr Valuation himself ALSO: It’s summer! p. 6.

50 South April 27 2017 Rates roulette.pdf

WEST April 7, 2017

WRONG LADY fingered by litter vigilantes, as we reveal how the real culprit was caught. ALSO: Leo’s MABS mess.

48 West April 7 2017 Dumped letters reveal name.pdf

NORTH April 13, 2017

PAYPAL silent as we trace suspicious emails to the US payments giant. ALSO: dare to dream big in Ballymun, p. 6.

49 North April 13 2017 Paypal silent on probably fraudulent emails.pdf

WEST April 28, 2017

MUCH of the new west Dublin estate will be private. We cry foul... but experts disagree...
ALSO: Baldonnel jobs, p. 17.

50 West April 28 2017 66pc private in Councils 900 Kilcarbery houses.pdf

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2017: We started with a good news story about housing, and a visit to the Young Scientists in the RDS, where Cabra’s Stephen Cushen redeemed an otherwise lackluster show.

Metro North figured, but national political turmoil threatened to drown out good local stories, such as the building of a Hollywood-style studio on Dublin Bay.

• Stephen Cushen: faster than WiFi: North, Jan 19

• Movie man Morris: jobs could boost the  city. But can he create a critical mass of super-skills? South, Feb 2



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SOUTH March 16, 2017

PATRICK FINLAY has the last laugh as bosses back down on plans for a ban ALSO: Gino’s progress on cannabis law.

NORTH March 2, 2017

WORKERS get the upper hand as Tesco’s “Project Black” hits the skids. ALSO: Haughey’s scathing critique of D1 plans.