SOUTH Jan 14, 2016

WE BEAT the judges by a year, spotting Gabriel Barat in 2015.

Finally he wins wider acclaim. ALSO: Pint-size patents (p. 6).

SOUTH Feb 4, 2016

A DECADE-LONG wait for footie fun. ALSO: Bookie Ivan bets on Labour pains in the forthcoming General Election (p. 10).

SOUTH Jan 15, 2016

CANDIDATE Ó BROIN with some novel ideas about local employment. ALSO: Colaiste Phádraig and Parrondo (p. 16).

NORTH Jan 21, 2016

FINGLAS divided on their new neighbours. ALSO: 1916 rel-atives prepare for Moore Street case the High Court (p.14).

WEST Feb 5, 2016

COMREG MESS means a crucial TV waveband goes a-begging. ALSO: Laugh away stress with a new kind of yoga (p. 3).

WEST Feb 19, 2016

GINO finally gets his equestrian project — and backs new housing. ALSO: The legendary Lansbury...and Mr Burns (p. 8).

NORTH Feb 11, 2016

BILLIONS in losses because of City refusal to maintain our housing stock. ALSO: Our story in High Court 1916 case (p. 6).

SOUTH Feb 18, 2016

BAFFLING and unexplained rejection by City bosses of a gift of 100 houses. ALSO: Huge Liffey Valley expansion (p. 4).

SOUTH Mar 3, 2016

WE UNCOVER the first of many stories about the vultures out to smash the Irish economy. ALSO: The “Prophet Prof” (p. 4).

SOUTH Mar 24, 2016

GARDAÍ chasing gangland leads leave vandals free to destroy. ALSO: City bins our Freedom of Info letter (p. 6 ).

WEST Mar 4, 2016

TREVOR GILLIGAN revives “mentoring” for small business startups. ALSO: FF poll revival, Labour catastrophe (pp. 2 & 4).

NORTH Mar 10, 2016

WE VISIT the D1 flats where mums are being harassed and abused by City officials. ALSO: Gay adoption and Iona (p. 6).

WEST Mar 25, 2016

FALSE ECONOMIES threaten local parks. ALSO: We remember meeting the late, great Paul Daniels (p. 7).

SOUTH Apr 15, 2016

NOVEL idea for a mini-Silicon Valley. ALSO: Confey College wins big with dream outfit — made of plastic waste (p. 16).

NORTH April, 2016

BITTERSWEET win comes after a Minister wrecks baker’s business. ALSO: Void claim: “Prove it with pics” (p. 15).

SOUTH Apr 14, 2016

MORE on the vultures — and Bríd Smith speaks out. ALSO:  Fatima is first in fitness with Operation Transformation (p. 4).

SOUTH May Bank Hol 2016

“LOCAL NEWS got it wrong!” City offers hope, hitting back at our recent coverage. ALSO: Ballymun: really better? (p. 4)

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2016: We started with a now-compulsory visit to the Young Scientists in the RDS. Old friend Gabriel Barat (see Jan 2015) finally gets his due.

Later, the Moore St battle goes to court, with Local News sharing a rare victory against State vandals. Housing features: the City rebuts our “bad news” stories.

• Barat, Nolan and Wolnak

• Brave face: he’s smiling, but Cornelius Rotaru is about to lose his job in the Paris Bakery in Moore St



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